PG Academy (Small Group Training)

PG Academy Training Sessions is a staple at The Partners Gym. Each session may focus on either of Conditioning, Functional or Strength training.

  • Conditioning: Let us put you through the paces using innovative and fun workouts that take your mind off the fact that we have just spent 60 mins building your endurance and tending to your cardiovascular health.
  • Functional Training: This is all about doing what a human body naturally wants to do. These are the workouts that prepare you for the real world out there…see video for more
  • Strength Training: Build lean muscle mass to increase your base metabolic rate and show off your muscle tone


Spin is a low impact, high energy cardio training experience set to mesmerizing music. Our Spin instructors will give you every reason to fall in love with Spinning again or for the first time. You will get lost in the soundtracks of your class and time will fly by so quick you’ll want to adjust your watch. The only known side effect is a pair of rocking legs.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Whether its early morning (“Rise & Grind”) or late at night (“Second Wind”) we are hard HIITers. These fast paced 30 minute sessions will make use of every one of the 1800 seconds we have available. From the starting line to the finishing ropes, we will be conditioning, strengthening, and all out working your butts off. It will be over before you know it but not before you’ve left it all on the floor. Whew!

Barre & Barre Essentials for Beginners

Develop long, lean, toned muscles and gain flexibility, balance and grace while you blast your muscles to the extreme and sweat your way to the dancer’s body you always wanted!   In this class, a variety of equipment is used for small moves and isometric contractions to intensely strengthen and sculpt the upper and lower body.


Partners Gym Yoga comes in three flavors: restore & rejuvenate in Gentle yoga, tone & sculpt in Vinyasa Yoga and sweat & detoxify in Hot Yoga(seasonal). Our yogis are calm but anxious to help with your breathing, balance, flexibility, posture and focus. Relax, don’t stress over which class to take … that’s not very Yoga like … just take all three!


You bring your frustration of the week and a fighting spirit. We bring the gloves, the punching bags and a real pro to show how to acquaint those two. But first we’ll teach you the fundamentals of boxing including footwork and striking technique. Ever wonder why boxing rounds only last 3 minutes? We’ll clear that up for you.

Body Sculpt

This is an instructor led program in a class setting. Say hello to muscle hypertrophy! Our Body Sculpt class takes you on an hour tour of all the muscle groups in a planned sequence to maximize muscle tone and fat burning. Our tools here are very basic dumbbells, a stepper and a body willing to be sculpted.

Total Body Experience

A challenging workout that strengthens the entire body using a hybrid of different techniques with a strong emphasis on  core strength and balance. Plan your recovery day ahead because you will need it after this complete package of a workout. All level are welcome.