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The Partners Gym training method is designed for individuals looking to improve their healthspan and lifespan through fitness. We have combined our knowledge of strength and conditioning concepts with a rigorous review of medical research to answer the burning question:

In order to maximize the health and longevity benefits of fitness what should I do, how often should I do it and at what intensity?


Our schedule flows intelligently from one day to the next such that a minimum of 12 training sessions per month is needed to reap its benefits. We meticulously combine muscle building strength sessions, HIIT concepts and endurance work on separate training days to give you the most effective dose of the best health promoting drug known to man. 

Our training sessions come in 3 flavors:

GRIND (48% of PG Training Method)
Intense Strength and Conditioning session. Maximizing workload with a mix of resistance training and conditioning is our goal for this session. GRIND is an efficient training strategy that creates a high level of general fitness while delivering all the health benefits of exercise.
BUILD (45% of PG Training Method)
Muscle development session utilizing bodybuilding concepts. Muscle mass is protective against many common chronic illnesses and as such highly recommended by 5 out of 5 medical professionals…. and mirrors everywhere.  
VO2 (7% of PG Training Method)
Cardiovascular endurance session that produces a uniquely satisfying training effect on completion. This may not be our most popular offering, however our belief in providing a comprehensive fitness program that optimizes for your lifespan and healthspan is unwavering.
Working at an elevated heart rate for extended periods of time has numerous health and performance benefits such as improved metabolic  health and flexibility (effectiveness at utilizing stored fats), building a robust aerobic base for performance and general cardiovascular health. 


We appreciate that our approach may not be right for everyone. Book a FREE 45MIN consultation to find out if the Partners Gym is right for you.

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