… because that’s what partnership is all about

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What to expect …

Our signature offerings are the PG Academy Training sessions that come in 3 concentrations; Conditioning, Functional or Strength Training.

These carefully crafted routines can be modified to fit all fitness levels in a way that everyone will feel adequately challenged.

We avoid boring machines you find in “big box gyms”. Instead we have toys that we play with in our big and open space.

Our partners are the best! We understand the environment and composition of a group session is important. We work hard to facilitate a positive, nonjudgmental and supportive climate where all are welcomed and valued.

Our Professors …

We hire the best practitioners the region has to offer and unleash their creativity with our schedule. Each class is infused with the unique style and experience of our diverse staff. We have former professional athletes, military, power lifters, fit moms and more. The combination is a menu of options that you simply cannot resist.

We know you do not want to embark on this journey alone. Our staff takes the time to craft a unique and complete fitness experience to be revealed at the start of each class. We will coach and motivate you throughout your session. We are your biggest cheerleaders and are inspired by your results.

We are more than your trainers … We are your partners!

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The Tools

Friends don’t let friends live on machines alone. At The Partners Gym we offer more than the traditional equipment found at other gyms. We research the best and most innovative tools in the industry and use them in our sessions to make your workouts varied, challenging and outright fun. If traditional machine-bound exercise was such a wonderful idea, more new year’s resolutions and promises to primary care physicians would be kept.

That said, our greatest toy of all is SPACE. Our beautiful, open, main studio has high ceilings and more than enough room to bring traditionally outdoor activities inside.


Jacob’s Ladder
Spin and Stationary Bikes


TRX Suspension Trainers
Rouge Fitness Monster Rigs
Multi Station Pulley System
Kettlebells and Dumbells
Bumper Plates
Battle Ropes


Stroops Accelerator Harnesses
Plyo Boxes
Punching Bags
Bosu and Exercise Balls
Slam and Medicine Balls
Agility Ladders and Cones

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