Why Choose The Partners Gym

We recognize that there several facilities in the area you can join where there are four solid walls, clean lockerooms and some equipment. We are one of a kind though. Here’s why …



At the core of who we are, coded in our DNA, are our unwavering beliefs which we uphold at every cost. 


Our pleasure comes when YOU profit, not when we do. Our only business goal is to run a sustainable facility that caters to your fitness needs and can fairly compensate our employees and the very best trainers. This clear strategy simplifies our decision making process into a single simple question. Do our partners benefit from a proposed action? If Yes proceed; if No don’t.  We aspire to be the Zappos of the fitness industry.


We are proud of how we run our club. Since we are partners, you are entitled to know the reasons behind our business decisions. Some businesses hide everything from their clients, we see no point in that. With transparency comes trust, an essential ingredient in every partnership.


You deserve the BEST … So we hire the BEST trainers, we use the BEST ingredients, we buy the BEST products, we have the BEST equipment and above all we give you our BEST so that you have the BEST experience every time you visit!


Variety is the spice of fitness. Fortunately there is an almost infinite supply of it. Our R&D lab continually pumps out new innovative classes that push the limits and fuse complimentary concepts that less adventurous fitness scientists would never think to bring together. This keeps you invigorated and excited to return the next day. 



There are benefits to joining a small boutique club like ours compared to the warehouse gyms

Our class sizes are smaller so we’re able to make custom modifications or change the class plan on the fly based on your preferences.

Our culture and environment is warm, welcoming and supportive.  We are your trainer, coach, cheerleader, friend and family

Our club prides itself on being spotlessly clean at all times.  You will not have second thoughts using our showers.

We know who you are and what you need.  There isn’t a large cooperate office to consult first in order to accommodate your special requests.

We are decent humans first.  Did you just lose your job or encounter a difficult life event?  We understand … just come to talk to Obi or Lisa about it and we will be happy to help.

Your vote actually counts. We frequently seek your feedback regarding new classes to add or thoughts on classes we are testing. And here’s the funny thing, we actually listen!

We are creative and flexible.  You never know what is coming, Slow Jamz Friday? Sure why not? Let’s do it!



Membership has its privileges but partnership has extra perks

Early and Late Classes

It can be tough making time for yourself. We offer 5:30AM early classes and 7:45PM late classes.

Towel Service

Do you pack a towel for trips? Of course not.  Why pack one for the gym?  Our towels are cleaner, yet just as fresh as “towelie”.

Laundry Service

Never worry about packing a gym bag, again. Let us store and clean your workout gear.

All Natural Smoothies

ALWAYS made with fresh fruits, veggies and homemade products.  NEVER any freeze-dried products, syrups or artificial flavoring.

Off Street Parking

With ample lot parking, you’ll save time and money by never having to hunt or pay for a parking space.


You shouldn’t pay to be told what to eat. We love sharing our strategies and philosophies like Rule #1. EAT. REAL. FOOD.

Nice People

Our partners are the best!  At our gym you’ll get more than workout buddies; you’ll meet supportive friends.

Luxury Bath Products

Our bathrooms are stocked with only the finest bath products from Bath & Body Works.  No gallon sized jugs of anything here.